Daocheng county | 稻城县

Daocheng county is also called “Dabpa” in Tibetan, it means “the land with open valley entrance” , The highest spot is 6,032 meters above sea level, the lowest spot is only 2,000 meters, the vertical altitude difference is more than 4,000 meters. Its township is about 3750 meters above sea level, and lies on the south bank of Shui-luo-he river, which is called Dab-chu in Tibetan. This is one tributary of the Yangtze which sources in the Sangtob-la pass in the north of the county. Also in the south of this county, there are snow captured mountains known as Dabpa Lhari, often visited by pilgrims

In 2011, there are about 32,000 people live in this county, after the open of Daocheng Yading airport, the population has been repidly increased to nearly 55,000 people, more than 60% are Tibetan.

The most time in a year, it is sunshine, dry; it rains a lot in the afternoon in summer time, the annual average temperature is 12 degrees to 13 degrees; the average low temperature is below -5 degrees; the hottest is in July and August, it is usually 10 to 12 degrees; the coldest time is in January, the temperature could reach -27 degrees.

Its geography coordinates is Latitude 27 ° 58 ‘~ 29 ° 30’, longitude 99 ° 56 ‘~ 100 ° 36’; it is 174 kilometers long from south to north; and 63 kilometers wide from east to West; it neighboring Jiu Long County in the east; Xiangcheng county in the west, Litang county in its north, and Muli tibetan county in its south; and connect with Shangri La city in its southwest

Daocheng Location

Recommended Sites of Daocheng county

Yading Nature reserve
Yading Nature reserve is located some 110 km east from Daocheng County. It is the most important site in this region for the three holy mountains, which generally known as Rigsum Gonpo, and particularly named by the 5th Dalai Lama: Mt. Chenrezig (6032 meters), Mt Jampeyang (5958 meters) and Mt Chakna Dorje (5958 meters). This three holy mountains faces to each other covers an area of more than 800 Square kilometers.
Dabba Yangteng Gonpa
This was originally a Kagyu monsatery, but converted to the Gelukpa sect by Lodo Namgyelin the 17th. It is one of the 13 major monasteries of Daocheng County, located on a hilltop about 20 km east of township, where many mineral water ponds nowadays becomes those whom come here seeking a treatment; It now houses about 200-300 monks.

The entire monastery was damaged during 10 years culture revolutionary, and has been rebuilt since 1990’s of 20th century. The main building of Tsuklakhang contains the main images representing Dharmaraja, the Buddhas of the Three Times.

Recommended Accommodation

Benefited by the tourism development, the accommodation has been improved quite a lot to compare other towns of Kham, there is one 5 star hotel near the entrance of Yading Nature Reserve; and more than 35 hotels from Youth hotel to 3 star hotel in Daocheng County

Holyland Hotel | 日松贡布酒店

Add : Shangrila Town, Daocheng | 稻城 香格里拉镇, 亚丁景区入口处
Contact : +86 836 696-6666
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card and Debit card (China Union) are both accepted

Ge Sang La Grand Hotel | 格桑啦大酒店

Add : Section 1 of Gongga Road , Daocheng | 稻城 贡嘎路一段
Contact : +86 836 572-8966
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card is not supported

Rock Homeland International Hotel | 洛克家园国际酒店

Add : Section 2 of Yading Road , Daocheng | 稻城 亚丁路二段
Contact : +86 836 696-7567/572-8333
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card(China Union) and Debit card (China Union) are both accepted

Wizard Aden Hotel | 绿野亚丁酒店

Add : No.1 Chi Tu He Road , Daocheng | 稻城 香格里拉镇赤土河路1号
Contact : +86 836 572-5555
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card and Debit card (China Union) are both accepted

Holy Land Image Hotel | 圣地映像酒店

Add : Section 2 of Yading Road , Daocheng | 稻城 亚丁路二段
Contact : +86 836 572-3123
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card and Debit card are both not accepted

Snow Area Hot Spring Garden Hotel | 雪域花园温泉酒店

Add : Near Xueshan Square , Daocheng | 稻城 雪山广场斜对面
Contact : +86 836 572-4444
Facilities: Parking-lot | WiFi | Hot-water shower | Restaurant
Credit Card and Debit card (China Union) are both accepted

How to get there

The quickest way to get to Daocheng is by taking flight to Daocheng Yading Airport, then by local vehicle to Daocheng City;

Or an overland transportation is also recommended for those, whom want to experience the breathtaking view along the drive, and also it helps to acclimatizing to the altitude;

From Daocheng heading North from Daocheng county for about 30km to reach a road intersection called “Sumdo”. The road that leads north onto Litang plateau is the way to connect Kangding as well as Chengdu; Another road that curves into mountains toward south is the road to Xiangcheng which is a hidden Tibetan town, continually heading south and crossing over two mountains of Big Snow mountain and Small Snow mountain, you will reach the ancient Tibetan town of Gyltang which is now called: Shangri La

Daocheng Yading Airport Facts

Contact: +86 836 572 3333
IATA code: DCY
Altitude: 4,411 meters above sea level
Web: http://www.kdjcgroup.net/
Distance to Daocheng: 50 kilometers

Overland Routes

  • Departure from Chengdu: The north Sichuan Tibet High Way (G318) Chengdu –> Kangding–>Litang–>Daocheng
  • Departure from Shangri La City: Shangri La City –> Big & Small Snow mountain –> Xiangcheng County –> Sangdui –>Daocheng
  • Departure from Lhasa: Lhasa — > Nyingtri –>Markhang –>Batang County –> Litang –>Daocheng

Daocheng Passenger Transport Center

Add : 1st Section, Gongga Road | 稻城,贡嘎路一段
Contact : +86 836 572-8565
Altitude : 3,700 meters above sea level
Working Hours: 08:00 am – 18:00 pm

Distance from Daocheng to

  • Xinlong: 310 kilometers, about 8.5 hours’ drive
  • Batang : 320 kilometers, about 8.5 hours’ drive
  • Litang 150 km, About 2.5 hours’ drive
  • Kangding 430 km, About 8 hours’ drive
  • Shangri La City 330 km, About 9 hours’ drive
  • Chengdu 750 km, About 14 hours’ drive
  • Luding 480 km, About 9.5 hours’ drive

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