Nyingma Pa

Nyingma Pa is the oldest sect of Tibetan Buddhism, its name literally means “ancient,”. It was created by Padmasambhava in 760 AD, whom came to Tibet together with Shantarakshita being invited by King Trisong Detsen. During that time, about 108 translators were brought to Tibet spending years to translate large scriptural of Dharma-teachings. Those translated scripture formed the base of the development of Buddhism in the Tibetan plateau.

There are six monasteries known as “Mother monasteries” of the Nyingma Pa lineage, which are as follows: Katok Monastery, Dorje Drak Monastery, Mindroling Monastery, Pelyul Monastery, Dzogchen Monastery, Shechen Monastery. Among those, 4 monasteries of Katok , Palyul , Shechen , Dzogchen , are located in Derge county in the eastern Tibet of Kham, which has made Kham the center of this lineage.