Yamdrok Lake | 羊卓雍湖

Yamdrok Lake is usually regarded as one of the three the holiest lake of Tibet guarded by the goddess Dorje Gegkyi Tso. The other two Holy lakes are Namtso lake and Manarsaovar lake. It is the lake that Tibetan Buddhism uses to look for the Reincarnation, in which the living Buddha is able to read the sign that to indicate the direction the Reincarnation will be given birth.

Yamdrok Lake is located some 100 kilometers southwest of Lhasa with altitude of 4441 meters above sea level. The Kangpala Pass (5050 meters) is thought to be the best spot for a panorama view of this holy lake. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains which forms numerous streams feeding into this lake. Like mountains, lakes are considered sacred by Tibetan people. The lake is revered as a talisman and is said to be part of the life-spirit of Tibet which is regarded as if its waters dry, Tibet will no longer be habitable.

Yamdrok and the surrounding area are associated with Padmasambhava , the great buddhism master, whom introduced Buddhism to Tibet in 8th century. It is also the home to Samding Monastery which is located on a peninsula jutting into the Yamdrok lake and approximately 10 kilometers away from Langkazi county (Nagarze county).


Langkazi county | 浪卡子县境内

Opening hour

Full day

Entrance fee

RMB 40.00 per person


The lake: 4,441 meters above sea level

Yamdrok location

How to get there

-1), By chartered vehicle:
–from Lhasa to Yamdrok lake, it usually costs RMB 1,500-2,000.00 per day for a 4-6 seats mini van

-2), By bus: rate: RMB 50.00 per person one way, start from Lhasa, Terminal: Langkazi county ; you can get off at Kangba la pass for the full view, and walk around to enjoy the view of this lake

-3), to join one day tour of Yamdrok lake via local tour operator

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