Saga County | 萨嘎县

Saga in Tibetan means “the Lovely Place” OR “Happy Land”. It has grown rapidly in the recent years due to well developed tourism. It is approximately 470 kilometers east of Mt. Kailash. Almost a must stop destination for overnight when travel to west Tibet.

Saga County is the center county of the three counties of Western Shigatse. The other two are Zhongba County(仲巴县), and Gyrong county (吉隆县). The county bordering Ang Ren County(昂仁县) and Nylamu county (聂拉木县) in its east, and Gyirong county (吉隆县) in its south, Zhongba County(仲巴县) in its west, and Coqen County (措勤县) in its north;

It is Located in the northern foothills of the Himalayas, Southwest edge of the south Kailash Mountains, belonging to the upstream area of Brahmaputra River; the county is with a total size of 25,500 square kilometers and a population of 13,000. Its Terrain is typical “West Plateau Mountainous Terrain”; high in its north, and lower in its east; With average altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level.

The National road No. 219 cross through the whole from east to west which is the main road that connect Lhasa – the capital of Tibet and Ali and Burang (Purang)

The capital town of this county is called “Jia-Jia town (加加镇)”seated some 14 km west of old Kyakya village and about 60 km southwest of Raga Road-junction. The Dargye Tsanpo River pass through here and join Brahmaputra at Saga Chakzam. “Jia-Jia town (加加镇)” is located at the intersection of four roads, of which are:

  • Lhatse county from the East: 300 kilometers, about 6 hours’ drive
  • Coqen county from North: 290 kilometers, about 6 – 7 hours’ drive
  • Kailash mount from the West: 470 kilometers, about 6-7 hours drive
  • Gyirong county from South: 105 kilometers, about 4 hours’ drive

Saga County Location

Recommended accommodation

Saga Hotel | 萨嘎宾馆

Add: No. 6, Gesang Road
Contact: +86 892 8202888
Open: 2006 yr

Minzu Business Hotel | 民族商务宾馆

Add: No. 6, Deji Road
Contact: +86 892 8202908
Open: 2016 yr

Shuqin Business Inn | 舒馨商务客栈

Add: By N219 road, near Gesang road
Contact: +86 892 8202968
Open: 2014 yr

West Inn | 西部驿站大酒店

Add: By N219 road, Saga county
Contact: +86 892 8913555
Open: 2016 yr

Yalu Zangbu Grand hotel| 雅鲁藏布酒店

Add: Near Lunzhu Road
Contact: +86 0 187-6817-6652
Open: 2014 yr | Renovated: 2015 yr

Star and Moon hotel | 星月宾馆

Add: No. 18, Gesang Road
Contact: +86 892 8202888

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