Tibetan Festival Tours is to focus on different Tibetan festivals, which are either religious or folk traditions. Usually it include rituals, farming events, commemorations, celebrations, or just entertainment.

Tibetan Religion has strong influence in all aspects of Tibetan’s life, whether on living, marriage, celebration…etc; Therefore we will see quite much religious influence on the performance even it is just for entertaining.

August is the month that the festivals happen the most; some small scale celebrations of union of family, or villagers happen in Spring, Autumn, and Summer time

Religious activities are to follow the certain date that matters on Tibetan Religion

2020 Aba Festival

It is Monlam Festival in Aba County
7 days

2020 Katok Festival

2020 Katok Festival will be in July
10 days

2020 Langmu Si Festival

The Monlam Festival in Langmusi
7 days

2020 Litang Festival

2020 Litang Festival will be 5 days
8 days

2020 Losar Festival

Tibetan New Year and Banish Evil Festival
5 days

2020 Repkong Festival

Monlam festival that is held in Repkong
7 days

2020 Saga Dawa Festival

The Holiest Tibetan Religious Ritual in Tibet
14 days

2020 Shaman Festival

The festival to Worship the Mountain God
6 days

2020 Shoton Festival

The traditional Tibetan ‘Yogurt Festival’
5 days