Tibet Featured Tours

Tibet Featured Tours

Tibet Featured Tours provides a selected group of tours that features: off the beaten track, with easy access and exit, significant nature view, and rich local tribe’s culture….

If you may not have that much of time, then tours from this section could be one of your choice for your this visit; however, we still recommend to put enough schedule to see things through in this vast Tibetan region.

For the moment, the featured tours are concentrating the eastern Tibet, of which are both very seldom visited by visitors, or even being reorganized by people, as most of the visitors thinks Tibet is just the central Tibet, the current Tibet Autonomous Region, the TAR. However, in the current Qinghai Proinvce; the Western Sichuan Province of Kanze (Garze) Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures, the south corner of Gansu province and the northwest of Yunnan province are the hidden parts of the east Tibet of Kham and Amdo.

7 tours
Katok Festival

2017 Katok Festival

2017 Katok Festival is from July 31 to August 2
11 days
US$ 336.00
Litang Horse Racing Festival

2017 Litang Horse Festival

The mighty Tibetan tribes traditional festival
8 days
US$ 348.00
Shaman Festival

2017 Shaman Festival

The festival to Worship the Mountain God
6 days
US$ 259.00
The Shoton Festival

2017 Shoton Festival

The traditional Tibetan ‘Yogurt Festival’ in August each year
5 days
US$ 128.00
Aba Festival

2018 Aba Festival

The traditional Praying festival with Bon tradition performance
7 days
US$ 234.00
2018 Langmu Si Festival date

2018 Langmu Si Festival

The "Monlam Festival" that is held in Langmu Si monastery
6 days
US$ 247.00
2018 Losar festival date

2018 Losar Festival

The annual festival to welcome the new year's arrival
5 days
US$ 125.00
2018 Repkong Festival date

2018 Repkong Festival

The Tibetan Monlam festival in Repkong
7 days
US$ 239.00
Saga Dawa Festival

2018 Saga Dawa Festival

The Holiest Tibetan Religious Ceremony
per person
14 days
Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek is the most suitable route for the trekkers who don't have much
per person
13 days