Kagyu Pa

Kagyu (Pa) is also known as “Whispered Transmission” or “White Hat Sect,” it focuses on the experiential dimension of meditation. It has a strong emphasis on Guru Devotion, Yoga and the personal transmission of esoteric instructions from master to disciple. Its early tradition rose from many independent sub-sects.

The word “Ka” refers to the oral instruction of the Lama, and “gyu” means lineage. This is what to guide people onto the spiritual path through an interplay of direct questioning and answer, pointing out the true nature through the course of meditation. And this occurs during an intimate form of oral instruction between teacher and student. Thus it is said that Yoga System is one where, through deep meditation alone, the ultimate goal can be achieved in a single lifetime.

This sect of the Tibetan religion follows Vajrayana or Tantric teachings based on the so-called “New Tantra,” which were translated during the second diffusion of the Buddha Dharma in Tibet. Today, the term “Kagyu” is used to refer to the two main branches: the Dagpo Kagyu, and the Shangpa Kagyu tradition.

Ka-gyu Monasteries