Puma Yumtso Lake | 普莫雍措湖

Puma Yumtso lake is also called Puma Yumco lake. “Puma” in Tibetan means “little girl”, “Yumtso” in Tibetan means the lake is jasper alike. The lake is surrounded by rolling snow mountains. The holy mountain Kula Kangri (7,538 meters) is next to this lake, which is combined by three high peaks, and there are about 6 peaks with altitude of over 7,000 meters above sea level nearby

It is one large Freshwater lake that located in Lhozhag (Lodrak) county, approximately 220 km south from Lhasa. There is one argument about its altitude, 4980 meter, 5010 meter, and 5030 meter. According to the altimeter that we carry, its altitude is 4735 meters. So this is a new altitude; Anyway, this is one lake with great nature view and being of the 4 holy lakes of Tibet, the other three are: Yamdrok lake, Namtso Lake and Marnasaovar Lake in west Tibet

Puma Yumco literally means The Blue Jewel that floats in the sky. Its water is blue to blue-green and to have high clarity. During the winter, the lake develops intricate ice block patterns on the surface, ranging from less than ten to hundreds of meters. When the lake is freezes in winter, its ice is strong enough to be able to hold the sheep, yak and people crossing.


Lhozhag county | 洛扎县

Opening hour

Full day

Entrance fee

Free of charge


4,980 meters above sea level

Puma Yumtso Lake Location

How to get there

This lake is located south of Yamdrok Lake, and northwest of Lhozhag county. There is no bus to this site, the best way to get this site is by chartered vehicle from either Yamdrok lake to here or from Lhozhag county to here

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