Aba county | 阿坝县

Aba county is also called “Ngawa” in Tibetan. It is located in the east of Kham with altitude of 3,200 meter. It neighbours Qinhai (Amdo) and Gansu provinces in the north. It is the 2nd largest Buddhist resort after Lhasa accross China. There are 42 monasteries in this small town, and housed about 20,000 monks.

It is one of the best places to experience Tibetan culture. There are countless activities that are initiated by the local Tibetans to memorize and celebrate various festivals every year.

“Za-chong Festival”, which takes place from September 15th to 17 according to the lunar calendar every year, is one excellent opportunity to enjoy the Tibetan culture and customs. During the festival, mysterious mask dances, grand religious services, Tangka Paintings, and mural paintings.

There are some other festival, such like: “The Horse Race Festival” , Monlam festival

Aba county location

Recommended sites

  • Gerdeng Monastery (downtown)
  • Longzang Tala Tibetan Village (5 km from downtown)
  • Langtong View Platform (3 km miles from downtown)
  • Langyi Monastery (1.5 km from downtown)
  • Wa’erma monastery at Maikun Tibetan Village (1.5 km from downtown)
  • Viewing platforms for Sunrise (10 km from downtown)
  • Gemo Monastery (25 km from downtown )
  • Chali Monastery (25 km from downtown)
  • Shenzuo Girls Tibetan Village (10 km from downtown)
  • Anshen Lake (5 km from downtown)
  • Anqiang (5km from downtown)
  • Kirti Monastery

Recommended Accommodation

Aba Villa Garden Hotel

Add: No. 2, Tang Dong Street, North Alley| 阿坝县 唐东街北巷2号
Contact: +86 837 8988898

Amdo Ba Holiday Inn

Add: Qia Tang East Street | 阿坝县 恰唐东街哇尔玛乡洞村口
Contact: +86 837 248-1313

Ngawa Meeting Hotel

Add: Qia Tang East Street | 阿坝县 恰唐东街
Contact: +86 837 284-3999

Paldzom Hotel

Add: No. 22, Qia Tang East Street | 阿坝县 恰唐东街22号
Contact: +86 837 898-0000

Lian Hua Yuan Ecological Leisure Resort

Add: No. 22, Park Road | 阿坝县 公园路22号
Contact: +86 0 15583083338

Duo Mei Lin Ka Hotel

Add: No. 6, Gong Yuan Road | 阿坝县 公园路6号
Contact: +86 837 6783333

Aba Antique Hotel

Add: No. 36, Qia Tang Middle Road | 阿坝县 洽唐中街36号
Contact: +86 0 13882184444

Guge Grand Hotel

Add: No. 24, Ying Bin Road
Contact: +86 837 8982777

Aba Zang Feng Hotel

Add:No. 3, Fourth Alley, Qia Tang Middle Road | 阿坝县 洽唐中街四巷3号
Contact: +86 837 898-0222

How to get to Aba County

The easiest and quickest way is to take flight to Hongyuan airport, which is only 110 kilometers southeast from Aba county, then switch to local vehicle to get to Aba county;

By flight

Aba Hong Yuan Airport
Add: 48 kilometers from Hong Yuan county
Contact: +86 837 7735566
Airport code: AHJ
Altitude: 3,535 meter above sea level

By bus from Chengdu

Cha Dian Zi long distance bus station
Add: No. 289, Section 5th, West Third ring road;
Jin-Niu district, Chengdu
Contact: +86 28 87506610
Altitude: 460 meter above sea level

Aba County Passenger Transport Central Station

Add: Qia Tang Middle Road, Aba County | 阿坝县 洽唐中街36号
Contact: +86 837 248-1528
Altitude: 3290 meters above sea level
Working Hours: 06:00 am – 21:00 pm

Distance from Aba County to

  • To Chengdu : 480 kilometers, about 8 hours drive
  • To Langmu Si: 330 kilometers, about 5.5 hours drive
  • To Labrang monastery: 410 kilometers, about 9 hours drive
  • To Tongren: 620 kilometers, about 10.5 hours drive
  • To Barkham: 250 kilometers, about 4.5 hours drive
  • To Huanglong: 350 kilometers, about 7 hours drive
  • To Garze (Kanze): 420 kilometers, about 10 hours drive
  • To Serta: 335 kilometers, about 8.5 hours drive

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